Last updated on Tuesday, August 04, 2009 

Welcome to the Navy Reserve Law Program Home Page 


Effective 1 July 2009 this web site stood down and will no longer be updated. This is a Command decision to relocate and centralize all online Navy Reserve Law Program matters to the private NKO site, and that site can be accessed at:

You will need either your CAC or a valid username and password in order to access NKO, and you will be required to change your password periodically if you elect the latter route.

I wish to express my appreciation to have had the opportunity to serve as your Webmaster on this public site over the past many, many years.  It's been a great amount of fun, lots of hard work, but most of all a rewarding experience knowing that all of you have had current information about what's going on in our program available here.

And so now we have moved along to a newer and better, more secure way of attending to our business. The good ship has reached her final port and is hereby decommissioned.  Best to all.

Captain Mac Carter, Webmaster